Acapulco Information

Acapulco is a touristy harbor in Mexico, better known as The Pacific Pearl for it wonderful beaches and beautiful landscapes mark in two bays: Santa Lucia’s Bay and puerto Marquez’s Bay. It’s located in the Pacific Coast at 395 Km from Mexico’s city and at 133 Km of Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero’s state.

Acapulco is the most famous and important destiny in Mexico, it divides in three big zones: Traditional Acapulco, Gold Acapulco and Diamond Acapulco. It has many things to do in this city but the most outstanding beauty is the bay, which is one of the most beautiful in the world, for it soft swell, for all the comfort that offer, for the important infrastructure of hotels which in the last years has modernized

Pie de la Cuesta it’s famous for the beautiful an amazing sunsets it has you should visit it; Puerto Marquez it’s a beautiful bay with a quite sea and with the most gorgeous restaurants with exquisites seafood dishes.

But the “pacific Pearl” it is not only beaches; it is the biggest and most impressive touristy centre in Mexico. Offer much more variety, emotion, fun and Mexican taste than any other place in Mexico.

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