Ecotourism in Yucatán

Ecotourism in Yucatán

The ecotourism goes directed to those areas with a natural and special attractive and it is framed within the parameters of the sustainable human development. The ecotourism looks for the recreation, the relaxation and the education of the visitor through the observation, study of the natural values and the cultural aspects related to them.


This population located to almost 40 km to nor-orients of the city of Merida, offers an ecotouristic route denominated “the Route of the Natural wells”, where the adventure, the ecoturism and the rural life are conjugated in perfect harmony.

Chuburná Carboneras

It is a privileged zone by the nature, located in the community of Chuburna, Municipality of Progreso, to 41 km to the north of the city of Mérida. Chuburná Coal offers routes ecotourist to the length of the coast.

The Corchito

“The Corchito”, is located to a kilometer of the boulevard wagon Chicxulub Puerto. Its name arises due to the abundance in the place from the tree anonaglabra, since its root has a similarity to the cork.

Ría Laughs

It offers scenes of extraordinary beauty, surrounded by different types of manglares and a great variety of birds of the place.

Tekal de Venegas

It is a population located to 73 km of the city of Mérida, to the north of Izamal. There you will be able to find a footpath eco-archaeological of Oxwatz name.

Ria Chelem

In Ria Chelem is possible to enjoy strolls in small boats equipped for scenic routes, and to sight several species of birds of the region, with the help of the guide and a group of people specialized in the interpretation of the nature.

Dzilam De Bravo

It offers to you varied options of excursions to visit the natural reserve that offers a unique view of hundreds of rose flamingo, herons, garcetas and a great amount of other aquatic birds and some reptiles like crocodiles.

Festival of Birds of Yucatan

By its great biodiversity, Yucatan gives home to 436 of the 543 species of birds registered for the Yucatan Peninsula. This makes an important region of visit for the enthusiastic observers of the nature.

Natural Wells

Enigmatic by nature, the natural wells of Yucatan are the center of histories and legend wrapped in Ipull ahead of mystery not less impressive than the beauty of those oquedades, make clear in the transparency of its waters and capricious rocky forms. By tradition, the natural wells are a distinguishing seal of the natural landscape of Yucatan. Details as the light of the sun leaked by holes between the rocks and projected on the transparent water, it is the conjugation to serve a visual banquet to the admirers of the nature.

The most important ones of the zone are:

Natural well of Chelentún Natural well

Natural well considered for training by many Instructors, since in its majority is Cavern with direct access yo cuzamaa surface and a maximum depth of 18 meters (60 feet), with temperature of 26 degrees Celsius and visibility of 50 meters, nevertheless counts on Two Caves.
Natural well Chak-Zink-Che

“Home of the Red Ant”, is considered like one of the best for diving in Caves in the state. Its Swimming pool has an impressive view with Stalactites in the ceiling of the Cavern, in this there is a chimney that gives to a small camera with air and Stalactites.
Natural well Bolom-Chojol

It means “Nine Holes of Mouse”, near the town of Chinkila. The mirror of the water is found after descending 10 mts in stairs formed by rails of “truck”. The temperature of the water is of 27 degrees Celsius and with 50 mts of visibility.

Natural well X´ Canche

It is an excellent alternative to practice ecoturism in a scene surrounded by forest vegetation and great variety of mammals, reptiles and the colorful of canoras species of birds that give welcome to the visitors with their songs.