Beaches in Tulum

Beaches in Tulum

Tulum reserves one of the best beaches of the Mayan Riviera, some of them almost virgin. The white sands, their turquesa waters, the beautiful landscapes with unforgettable views and the tranquillity are the flavours so that you live unique vacations.

Mouth Paila Beach

It offers the pleasure of a virgin beach, separated from concurred places. It is located at the south of Tulum, within the Reserve of the Biosphere of Sian Ka´an, and it is possible to arrive through a narrow coastal highway. It is located in a land strip, between the Caribbean Sea and theMuyil Lagoon, the campings of fishermen provide the basic services to you: a comfortable bed, food and transportation in boat. Lovers of the nature will enjoy the tropical vegetation, and the observers of birds can rejoice themselves with little common units. Those that prefer to encamp will have to bring their own provisions, including food and water.

Punta Allen

Punta Allen is located in a small peninsula within the Reserve of the Biosphere Sian Ka´an, an extensive protected area of 528.147 hectares in center of the state of Quintana Roo, throughout its coast run more than 100 kilometers of the Great Mayan Reef. The access is by way of terrecería, the energy obtains by means of generators and solar paddles and the potable water is extracted of wells. The east coast of the peninsula watches towards the Caribbean while the West offers manglares and Mayan channels. Another vehicle to arrive at Punta Allen is by highway 307 or Chetumal-Tulum highway, arriving at “the Hope”, taking the way from terrecería, until arriving at the Playón, a place where you can leave your vehicle in charge of a watchman, and later be able to cross in boat, until Punta Allen.