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Golf in Cozumel

golf-in-cozumel.jpgIn the destination of Cozumel, you will find an magnificent golf course which is located at Cozumel Country Club. It is the perfect place for practicing your favorite sport during your holidays in this amazing city of Cozumel. From the course, you will be capable of admiring the breathtaking scenery that surroundes this golf course in Cozumel. Enjoy one of the most frequented attractions in Cozumel.

In Cozumel, if you are interested in playing golf, you can consult in the tourist office in orde to get information about the location of this impressive club. Once in the golf course, you will be able to participate in contests or just playing for fun. You can make this tour in Cozumel in order to spend an unforgettable experience in one of the best golf courses of Mexico.

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