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La Primavera Forest – Guadalajara


Situated in the Primavera Sierra, 20 km (12 mi) west of Guadalajara along the Guadalajara-Tepic Highway. It is considered the most important national park in the metropolitan area and acts as the city’s lungs. It has a territorial extension of 36,229 hectares (89,485 acres), full of pines and Encino oaks. Inside the park you can see what was once the Colli Volcano. In this forested area you’ll find several mountain-biking routes, such as la Mosca, an exhilarating 25-km (15-mi) path that takes you between trees, around sharp turns and down steep trails. The Toboganes path is a meandering 35-km (22-mi) trail through the forest. Other trails include the Obisidianas, which leads cyclists to the springs of Rio Caliente – a boiling hot river, and the Tronadora, which runs along part of the Vigia 1 path in the El Centinela Forest.

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