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Isla Mujeres: A Unique Island


Smaller than Cozumel, this “Isle of Women” is another diving and eco-tourism paradise, a true getaway island, where bicycles, boats and diving equipment are the gear of choice. Natural sanctuaries protect underwater life at Garrafon National Park, while the offshore island of Isla Contoy offers the chance to observe more than 90 bird species, including cranes, frigate birds and pelicans, as well as giant sea turtles. Dolphin Discovery provides a setting to swim and interact with the dolphins.

With 1,200 hotel rooms, a convention center and cultural center, Isla Mujeres draws a loyal coterie of return visitors, whether day-trippers or those attending small meetings in a setting with minimal distraction. On one end of the Isle of Women, on a cliff known as Punta Sur, there is a temple the Maya once used to worship Ixchel, the goddess of weaving, happiness, the moon, medicine and abundance. What an appropriate place to contemplate the wealth of true riches available here in the Mexican Caribbean, the kind that nurture the body and soul and create lasting memories long after a meeting has ended.

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