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II International Tourism Law Conference in October


The «II International Tourism Law Conference» will take place at Cancun, Mexico, next October, from 30 to 31.

This event is organized by the IIJ-UNAM – the Institute of Legal Researches of the National Authonomous University of Mexico, the University of Quintana Roo and the University of the Caribbean, being sponsored by IFTTA – the International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocates and IBCDTur – the Brazil Institute of Tourism Sciences and Law. The Organization is Coordinated by Enrique Mota Flores.

With this event, the First IFTTA North-American Conference of Tourism and Travel Law will take place with the presence of 3 Members of the Board of IFTTA: Phil Cameron and Laurence Gore, from the United States, and Manuel David Masseno, from Portugal. The Program includes papers to be presented by other IFTTA Members as Rui Badaró, from Brazil, and Enrique Mota Flores, from Mexico.

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