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Tulum: A Green Destination


In the south of the Riviera Maya, curled up between the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean Sea and the exuberant tropical jungle lays the enigmatic Tulum. When people think about ecotourism hotels in Mexico, they relate the idea to something uncomfortable, sacrificing and unclean but this is not the truth. Some hotels are focused mainly on ecotourism, sustainable development, and the promotion of nature.

Most of the hotels in Tulum use wind and solar energy, rainwater cisterns and are involved in beach conservation and animal protection.
Tulum is one bastion against overdevelopment, a glimpse of the Yucatan as it once was.
The spectacular Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve offers a great opportunity to enjoy the real wildlife of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Take a vacation in Tulum!


If you want a real peaceful weekend vacation, then Tulum might be the greatest area for you. Far away from the city you’ll find this Mexican countryside and coast, a refresher from the busy city. This tiny town  is two hours away from crazy Cancun. The Riviera Maya is the area of Mexico’s Caribbean coast from Cancun to roughly Tulum, which is about a half hour south of Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya.

Staying in Tulum will give tourists different options on how to spend their vacation. The area is divided into three different sections: these are the Mayan ruins, the hotel zone and the pueblo. Tulum Pueblo is referred as El Pueblo by locals. It is the center of shopping and strolling over stores in Tulum. Tourist industry are mainly located here where many of the stores, supermarkets, bus stations, inns, hostels and small hotels are found. Aside from shopping, the area is also where you can find exceptional restaurants, pubs, banking, cafes, etc.

Lastly, the Mayan ruins or the Tulum Ruinas is the archaeological site where the Mayan ruins of Tulum stand. It is also a road flanked by various restaurants, a commercial area, a profound parking lot, a small bus station and middle range hotels. All these areas are only minutes away from each other.

The Mayan ruins of Tulum are the third most visited historical site in Mexico, apart from Teotihuacan and Chichen Itzá. The Tulum ruins are often said to be the most well stored Mayan ruins in the world.

Along the Riviera Maya, the beaches of Tulum are one of the most beautiful beaches that attract thousands of tourists from different points of the world.

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