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Where to Dine in Los Cabos


Hard to believe for some people but Los Cabos has a very high level of cuisine, you can find international and traditional Mexican dishes, there were only 60 restaurants registered on the 2008 with the 5 diamonds award in the world, well Cabo has one of them, no need to tell you more except that you most give yourself some time for a dine around.

Some people often ask for those places where the locals go, for great fish or shrimp tacos visit “Tacos Rossy” in San José del Cabo, “El Ahorcado” in San José also for great traditional tacos (Not fish), be careful with the little creamy sauces, this little dishes contain a VERY spicy combination so please a few drops will be more than enough to make your tacos tasty without making yourself call the fire station. In Cabo San Lucas I know a little spot around the corner before the “Squid Roe” turn to the right and on the next block you will see a little place in the side with several Mexican dishes for Tacos and fresh fruits water.

Local Specialties in Guadalajara



Birria, tortas ahogadas, and chilaquiles are some of the most traditional dishes in Guadalajara. The food court in the Mercado Libertad is good place to sample the variety of local specialties.

* Birria Birria is a savory stew made of roast chiles, spices and traditionally goat, though you will usually be given other meat options like mutton or beef depending on the restaurant. For Birria, the restaurants in the Nueve Esquinas area (a few blocks South of Templo San Francisco) are quite popular (and quite good).

* Tortas ahogadas: these are sandwiches of carnitas and beans on a french style roll drowned in a savory chile and tomato sauce. Numerous restaurants in the Centro Historico specialize in these.

* Pozole: A hearty soup of pork and hominy topped with fresh cabbage, radish, onion and cilantro. There are some very good pozole stands in the food court of the Mercado Libertad.

* Mollete: A popular local breakfast food. A french style roll split and covered with refried beans then topped with ham or chorizo and cheese and toasted.

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