Guanajuato Information

Tourists come to Guanajuato because of its adequate infrastructure, services conjugated with the natural beauty of the region and its magical culture. The architecture, landscapes, regional festivals, all are put together in this blessed state. Guanajuato is internationally renowned for the cultural events that take place there, being recognized as one of the most important cultural centres of the country thanks to a large extent to the Cervantino International Festival, held every year in October at Guanajuato.

Health tourism is also an option in this state. The richness of its thermal water springs emanates throughout its territory in municipalities that have developed hotels, resorts, spas and water parks, and which are: Abasolo, Apaseo el Alto, San Miguel de Allende, Villagran and Leon. With magnificent temperate climate and a variety of natural beauty, the state of Guanajuato is shown as an international tourist destination.

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