Water and Sport Activities / Isla Cozumel

Water and Sport Activities / Isla Cozumel

Experience a spectacular adventure on a real submarine. The Atlantis, a real 48 passenger submarine, offers everybody a chance to experience why Cozumel is one of the top dive destinations in the world. Atlantis is one of the worlds most technologically advanced passenger submarines, trimmed, prepped and ready to take you into another world more than 100 ft. below the surface. Air-conditioned surroundings and large viewing ports allow you to relax and enjoy the wonders of the deep. The Atlantis brings you up close and personal with Chankanaab Reef, part of the world´s second largest reef and the islands most famous attraction.

Atvs Jungle Tour

Experience the untouched natural paradise of Cozumel´s north-east side during this exciting tour on a 4 wheel motorcycle. Traveling on roads and trails you will explore Cozumel´s jungle. At one of the most beautiful beaches at Cozumel, Playa Bonita, you will get the possibility to refresh yourself. This tour winds through some of the most scenic views of nature found on Cozumel. Passengers must be 6 years or older.


Go for a different kind of game!! The Mexican Caribbean is a fisherman´s paradise offering some of the most exciting fishing in the world. Bone fishing takes place in the flats around Cozumel, red snapper and grouper are the main game. Experienced and professional fishing guides who know it best will take you where the bone fishing action is!!!


This tour really takes you to the most interesting sites of Cozumel. The tour starts with a visit to San Gervasio, mythical Mayan ruins surrounded by the jungle at the north side of the island. Your guide will tell you all about Ix-Chel, the island´s goddess, how she was worshipped and the mysterious beliefs around her. After this cultural start the tour will take you to the east side of Cozumel along the scenic road with the most beautiful beaches. You will get the change to take incredible shots of the overwhelming scenery here. The tour ends with an amazing snorkeling adventure in Chankanaab National Park, Cozumel´s most spectacular snorkeling place. In Chankanaab you can also: walk around in the botanical gardens, see reproductions of Maya monuments, see the friendly dolphins and sea lions and enjoy a drink and a snack at one of the beach restaurants.

Deep Sea Fishing Tour

The Mexican Caribbean is a fisherman´s paradise offering some of the most exciting fishing in the world. Cozumel´s experienced boat captains and fisherman will take you for the big game. A great tour for adventurous fisherman to have the chance to catch blue & white marlin, sailfish, dorado & tuna. Other species which can be found year round are; wahoo, mackerel, barracuda, amberjack, bonito & snapper. The best fishing months are February to July.

Dinner Cruise and Pirate Show

Surf and Turf, Salad Buffet, fresh fruit, desert Open bar and Pirates Show on Board 105 ft, replica of 18th Century Spanish Goleta

Glass Bottom Boat

This three hour trip gives you the opportunity to snorkel two beautiful shallow reefs, like Palancar and Colombia reef, or you can just admire Cozumel´s amazing reefs thru the bottom from the boat. For the snorkelers there will be a certified guide on board to assist.

Horseback Riding

Ride back in time through the sacred land of the Maya, the oldest and most mysterious civilization in the world. You will be riding through the lush rain forest of Cozumel, listening to it´s most amazing sounds and discovering Cozumel´s hidden tropical savanna´s. Look out for the birds and different animal species that may come your way. You will visit El Cedral, Cozumel´s oldest Mayan ruin. It´s historical tradition dates back to the island´s discovery on May 3rd, 1518 and re-population in 1847 due to the war of Casts taking place in the State of Yucatan. This site was long ago decided both to farm and to marine activities. On your ride back be sure to take notice of the natural sounds and sights around you. In this natural paradise the Maya lived in harmony and this feeling of nature and man becoming one still lives on today.

Jeep Jungle Tour

This tour takes you to the last frontier of Cozumel. Off the crowded and beaten path, this tour will take you through lush jungle and along remote beaches overlooking the Caribbean side of the island. You will see a coastal Mayan ruin dating back to 1200. You will also get the chance to snorkel the rare reef Micro Atolls with giant coral heads that reach the surface of these blue waters (weather permitting).


Glide on a parachute while safely admiring the island from 400 feet up on the air. The spectacular aerial views of the ocean from above makes this a very exciting adventure. You will never get wet since you will be taking off and landing safely on the comfortable parasailing boat.

Scuba Diving Tour

Cozumel is one of the top 10 spots for best diving in the world. It only takes one dive to see why! The crystal clear waters of this dive paradise have an average temperature of 80° F (30° C) where visibility is excellent, about 200 ft. Cozumel´s lush and mixed underwater life includes: rainbow parrotfishes, moray-eels, starfish, sergeant majors, stingrays, eaglerays, nurse sharks, octopus, anemones, sea fans and gorgonians, just to mention a few. The immense colorful shapes of corals will make divers pleasantly enjoy their drift dive to the most famous reefs in Cozumel: Palancar (gardens, caves & horseshoe), Chankanaab, Paraiso, Yucab, Colombia, Santa Rosa among the most famous. You can choose for a two-tank dive in the morning or in the afternoon. Certified divemasters will come along. The first dive in the morning will be a deep dive to approximately 80 feet deep. The second dive will be a shallow one to approximately 40 feet deep. The afternoon dives are usually two shallow dives. Night dives are a must during your diving adventure in Cozumel. You will have the opportunity to spot different species such as lobsters and octopus in their natural habitat. For skillful divers we also offer specialty dives with professional instructors. If you are not certified or if you never dove at all: You can do an introductory course and dive the beautiful reefs after one morning with theory and a swimmingpool lesson. Also you can get your PADI or SSI Open Water certification in just 3 to 4 days.

Snorkel Tour

Snorkel Tours Cozumel is world famous for its waters, a large natural aquarium with a kaleidoscope of sea life. The crystal clear waters and the endless variety of tropical fish are an invitation to discover this enchanting underwater world. The adventure begins early in the morning as you sail south along the coast to visit three different shallow reefs where you can experience the wonders of this awesome aquatic world. The trip will be on board a comfortable boat or catamaran with all the necessary facilities. A certified guide will assist you with your snorkel equipment and life vest, and will take you through Cozumel´s underwater wonderland. After snorkeling the boat will stop at a beautiful beach were you can leisurely enjoy your lunch. If you feel like that you also can kayak there, play volleyball or float on a floating bed in the crystal clear waters.

Sub See Explorer

Comfortably sail in a sub-ocean-view explorer. This popular underwater viewing craft allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of the underwater Caribbean. It has been especially designed to insure each passenger comfort and an incredible view during this enjoyable trip. Crystal clear panels allow you to see the natural treasures that dwell in this beautiful Caribbean Sea.

The adventure begins as you board the ´sub´ and sit just four feet below the surface of the water and looking through crystal clear glass windows directly in front of you. The narrated trip will tell you about the spectacular shapes of coral formations that can be clearly seen. Lush growth of gorgonians surrounded by parrot-fish, starfish, sponges, anemones and other fascinating species.


Nature´s sacred paradise, according to the legend, the Maya pelgrims came to Xcaret to purify themselves in the sacred waters of the cenote.
Xcaret means ´inlet´. At Xcaret you can snorkel the crystalline waters of the 1590 feet long underground river, visit the turtle farm, the aviary, the butterflypavalion, the orchid farm, the coral reef aquarium, flamingo island, archaeological sites and much more.

Cozumel Snorkel AquaWorld

In this Tour you can see the most beautiful coral reefs of the island, in company of specializing guides who during 40 minutes will accompany you to enjoy all the natural aquatic beauties of Cozumel.

So that you can closely see the beautiful aquatic species we give you a snorkel.To explore these wonders of the nature guarantees to live a unique experience. The price of the excursion is $99 and includes a rich buffet lunch.

This opportunity Cozumel offers cannot be lost since this magnificent tourist destination has a great variety of multicolor fish and unique marine species .

Cozumel Certified Scuba Diving

Cozumel counts on the second largest coral reef in the world. Therefore it is the indicated place to practice certified diving since their waters exceed, in some places, 60 meters and have an excellent visibility. The marine life and the depths of the sea of this wonderful Cozumel are very rich and varied, which guarantees an unforgettable and unique day. Come to practice the certified diving in Cozumel and spend a complete day of adventure in the Mexican Caribbean. The price so that you can practice certified diving is two tanks $ 1499.

Dolphin Swim and Ride Dolphinaris

A magnificent dolphinarium located in the west coast of the Island of Cozumel, in the middle of beautiful natural lagoons and extraordinary view of the Caribbean Sea. In this dolphin swim program you will have the opportunity to interact with these adorable and intelligent creatures, and to understand its conducts. In one first instance our trainers will give you a brief introduction so that you know more about these mammals and your activity with them. Soon you will see the dolphins giving jumps and graceful acrobatics. At the end of the presentation you will be led to a submerged platform where you will see closely the dolphins and you will receive an affectionate kiss and greeting of fin. The wonderful moment of swimming, interaction and encounter with the dolphin will be in fabulous surroundings of natural caves in the ocean, where you will also enjoy the emotion of an amused stroll with this likeable mammal. The price is $119 and when finalizing we facilitate a viewfinder to you so that you can observe the dolphins, to swim freely with them, as well as to admire the marine flora and fauna of the place. A finishing touch for a delightful experience.